The Bible's 'Bad' Girls

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"Thank you once again Daneen, for sharing your program on Women of the Bible, 'Gifts From God.' Most of us have no idea these women existed. Thank you for bringing them to life for us.

Sandy Hoffner, Director of Women's Ministry

Fullerton First United Methodist Church


"Thank you Daneen, for offering your performance. We at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church who attended were blessed by you. I heard nothing but wonderful comments from all. We enjoyed every aspect of our day with you. Your insight into the ladies of the bible is inspiring. Hope to hear more."

Your sister in Christ,
Dorothy Greenlief, Coordinator of Women's Bible Studies

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church


​"Daneen, thank you for your time, talent and presentation of Women of the Bible for St. Edward the Confessor's May 2017 Serenity Day. Your creative talent is truly a gift that you are graciously sharing. It has been my pleasure spending time hearing from you how God has led you, and keeps leading you on His holy path." 

Mary Scobas,  Serenity Day Speakers Committee
St. Edwards the Confessor Catholic Church


"I thoroughly enjoyed learning more from Daneen's presentation.  She brought the stories I had read so many years ago in a different book and those in the Bible to life and gave them meaning to me in today's life. I have been reading her book one chapter at a time and doing the reflections. Thank you...just what I need."

Elizabeth Smith, Serenity Day Chair
St. Edwards the Confessor Catholic Church


"Daneen's bad girls are all sent to empower women. She shows the strength of each character while giving glory to God in each women's words. A successful combination!"

Pastor Brenda Bos
Christ Lutheran Church


“Daneen has done an exceptional job bringing many women of the Bible to a better understanding through her songs and dramatizations. I think she captured the spirit of Eve. Her story is biblicaly accurate, while utilizing modern language.  Her “Bad Girls of the Bible Rap Song” was highly enjoyable and a “first” in our church!  In addition, her story of Ruth showed heartfelt emotion which brought the character to life.   I really appreciated the way she distinguished the Adulteress Woman from Mary Magdalene, and how she continued the story after the stoning that never happened.  I highly recommend other churches to experience her talents that God has given her.”

Pastor Sabrina Vasta
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


“Daneen has created some unique stories with her songs and dramatizations of many women in the Bible.  I'm impressed that she could tell the whole story of Esther and still keep a theme/refrain running through it.  Very good work! Fun! Her  style of story telling would be an asset to many churches.”

 Pastor David Mattson
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


 "Bad Girls of the Bible" stories, written and performed by Daneen are very entertaining and her content is scripturally right on!  It is quite apparent that she has diligently done her research on these women.  She has great rapport with her audience and keeps their attention while educating them.  I would highly recommend her for enhancing a sermon or giving one of her songs and dramatizations as the sermon or leading a Bible study."

Pastor Rich Anderson,
Capistrano Community Church


"The songs and stories that Daneen performs make the women of the Bible come alive.  She portrays them with emotion, sometimes humor, sometimes tears, showing their strengths and vulnerabilities, I feel the  women portrayed are right in the room sharing their intimate lives with us.  Daneen knows her characters and portrays them with truth and scriptural backup.  It is always a joy to see the women, good or bad, come alive through Daneen."
Ann St. Martin
Facilitator, Heartlifters Bible Study

"I have seen three of Daneen's "Bad Girls of the Bible" shows and can't say how much myself and the entire audience all three times enjoyed her performances. She is always a raving hit!

Daneen is gifted with an ingenious, magical way of  'bringing to life' the real stories of the Bible's most influential women. Witnessing her show, you are transported back in time. You become personally and intimately involved in the stories, enabling you to understand them in an emotional way that is no less than anointed. It is a perfect way to teach these Biblical stories, and their significance to people in all stages of life, seniors, adults and children.
Performing for my senior group at the retirement home, Daneen was able to keep all their attention completely (no easy task!) and some of the women were so involved they were giggling out loud with delight as she told her story. She has been asked back and will continue to be.
I arranged for Daneen to perform at my Valentine's Day Married Couple's Formal Dinner in February 2013. Her show was absolutely beautiful!!!  I saw several people in tears and she received a standing ovation from all 36 people.
Daneen has a gentle, strong and beautiful, natural singing voice and we feel her ministry is a welcome and anointed song for the Lord."
All TRUE! Love in Him,
Erin Almond-Toth