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 Daneen Presents

The Bible's 'Bad' Girls

     The Bible's 'Bad' Girls

          Need more drama in your

                  Christian life?

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and learn more about my series of original songs, stories and poetry.

     Do you need new and innovative  ways to

tell these beautiful, women's stories?


         • Bible Studies/Workshops
         • Women's Retreats
         • Afternoon Teas
         • Fundraising Opportunities
         • Augment a sermon

 and anything else you can imagine  in which  

to learn these valuable lessons from

       "The Bible's 'Bad' Girls".

The length of time for these stories and songs    can be 15 minutes to three hours.

For more information:

     email: daneen.pysz@gmail.com

  The Bible and other religious writings 

  have many stories about women and their role in history. There are very bad

girls and then there are the women

  who might have done things that  seemed bad, but their courage,

 bravery, and trust was always for the  glory of God.  These women were so 

   'Bad' that they were actually 'Good', 

  just like in the sixties when the slang  was "You're so bad" really meant "Your are so good!"  These women of both Testaments and various writings were instrumental in God’s saving plan

for His people.

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